Rules and Guidelines

Da Survivaling Server

Rules and Guidelines book Version 1.1

Welcome to Da Survivaling server!

Update your book at Town Hall when needed.

Please read the following rules/guidelines before continuing in the server*


(if rules aren't followed, a player may be banned...)

-Obey admins

-No cheating or exploits

-No damaging spawn

-No X-Ray or reloading chunks

-No online seed finders

-No more than 2 golden apples or enchanted golden apples during PvP (will be monitored by a Bukkit PvP plugin) (golden carrots are not included in this)

-No more than 1 totem of undying during PvP

-No defacing of Town Hall

-Rules and guidelines may be changed or added at any time (Update your Rules and Guidelines book frequently as it is subject to change!) (See page 1 for information on recieving a new book)


(if guidelines aren't followed, a player may be banned...)

-Admin: MrBrodyT

-Bans (For each rule, you get 4 offenses) (Offenses are documented)

Offense 1, Warning

Offense 2, 2 Days

Offense 3, 1 Week

Offense 4, PERMANENT!

-Weekly reward: If you log on to the server all 7 days out of the current week, you will be rewarded with the voted weekly reward. (Votes are held at Town Hall every Sunday)

end of the Rules and Guidelines book... (for now)