Join Da Survivaling

Follow the instructions below to begin the fun on Da Survivaling! Have Fun!

Step 1: Download everything from the Downloads page

Step 2: Open the server's current version of Minecraft Forge (1.20.2)

Step 3: Go to multiplayer

Step 4: Add a server.

Make the Server Name "Da Survivaling" (without quotes), and make the Server Address

Step 5: Join the server

You should see the server logo and words of wisdom on the recently added server. If you don't see the green check mark, then you installed incorrect mods or installed them incorrectly or are on the wrong game version.

Step 6: Have Fun!


Step 7 (optional): Resource packs

You may be asked if you want to install the resource packs. We often install these to decorate around holidays, and if you choose to not install them blocks/items may look like they are place in weird places (ex. iron bars are Christmas lights in our Christmas resource pack, and if you don't install the pack, it may look like people placed ugly iron bars all over their roofs)